Driver nearly knocks down cyclist who came out of nowhere, scratched car and didn't apologise

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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It was a close shave for a driver and a cyclist after they had a near-collision at Cuscaden Road in Orchard.

The driver's car, however, was not so lucky and ended up scratched.

Stomper Anonymous shared dashcam footage of the encounter that he had with the female cyclist outside The Tomlinson condominium's guardhouse on Thursday (June 22), at around 11.55am.

In the video, the cyclist can be seen riding along a pavement outside the guardhouse, which blocks her from the Stomper's view.

Although the Stomper stops at the condominium gates to look out for oncoming traffic, the cyclist rides right into his vehicle.

The woman can be seen speaking and then riding away.

Anonymous told Stomp: "This cyclist did not stop to look out for traffic and hit my car. Fortunately, I had stopped at the guardhouse to look before turning out. Otherwise, my car would have hit her hard.

"I don't know what she said because I was in the car, but she did not say sorry. My car got scratched and she just rode her bicycle away.

"I feel angry and shocked because I could have knocked her down. It was so dangerous too. She could have stopped after hitting my car, acknowledged the scratch and at least apologised."