Cute Thai AirAsia stewardess's performance during flight delay is the best inflight entertainment you'll see today

A pretty Thai AirAsia stewardess has been capturing the hearts online with her bubbly personality and beautiful voice after a video of her performing during a flight delay was uploaded online.

In the video, shared by Kornchanok Benchaphongsa’s Facebook page, a steward could be seen introducing the stewardess via the plane’s intercom, announcing to the passengers that she would perform a song for the passengers.

She then proceeded to perform an upbeat Thai song, with accompanying music playing from her phone. 

Her melodious singing and sweet smile melted the hearts of netizens and passengers alike, and her performance was met with a round of applause. 

The stewardess then followed up with Jason Mraz’s hit ‘I’m Yours’, ending her song amidst much cheers and compliments from the passengers, reports World of Buzz

After a video of her performance was uploaded online, it quickly became viral, and netizens were full of praises for her.

Said one netizen:

“Not only does she look beautiful, but her voice sounds sweet too!”