Pretty Vietnamese girl looking for local guy who impressed her at Clarke Quay: 'I don't want any regrets'

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Life is all about taking chances and having no regrets, and that's exactly what Stomper Kay wants to do.

Kay was at Clarke Quay with her friends on Friday (Oct 28) and queuing up for a cab at around midnight when she met a guy whom she couldn't forget.

Said the Stomper:

"He's a Chinese-Singaporean (I guess), about 1.7 metres tall (or taller), and he was wearing a deep blue t-shirt.

"He's very funny and he even introduced me to many interesting food places in Singapore like the Michelin Star noodle shop, Tian Tian Chi Fan and a few other places.

"I was really impressed by him but I forgot to ask for his number.

"I don't have his name, phone number or Facebook, only a picture I took of his phone screen for an address to one of his recommendations.

"I know it might be highly impossible to find him, but I want to at least try. I don't want to regret not finding the one I want to find."

It's Kay first time to Singapore from Vietnam and she's smitten with both the city and its people.

"It's my first time to your country and I'm very impressed with Singapore and Singaporeans!" she told Stomp.

We sure hope Kay finds her Prince Charming!

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