You'll never guess why this cutie is so famous online

Beautiful people gain online fame all the time in today's Internet age -- and Twitter user @GINSYAMU is one such person.

But that's not all: 15-year-old GINSYAMU is actually a boy from Osaka, Japan, though his looks might deceive you at first glance.

According to the Philippine Inquirer, the high school student has become a celebrity on Twitter and Instagram with his feminine looks.

His regular tweets photos and clips of himself looking all cute and girly further add to the confusion.

According to Kai-You via SoraNews24, GINSYAMU was asked if he liked girls to which he replied that he was not sure because he had never fallen in love. At school, he says that he has yet to be approached by either girls or boys.

Although GINSYAMU says that he does not cross-dress, he admits to using makeup -- which his family apparently does not object to. Instead, they even approach him for cosmetic tips and recommendations.

Check out more images of the teen in the gallery above.