Customer receives only two out of 13 items from Pandamart, fails to get refund

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A customer was frustrated when she received only two out 13 items she had ordered from Foodpanda's Pandamart.

The Stomper shared that she had ordered $54.27 worth of items on Feb 5 but when the delivery arrived, she only received a loaf of bread and a pack of rice.

When she raised the issue to Foodpanda via their in-app chat, she was told that they were 'unable to offer any further alternatives or solutions for this issue'.

The agent then filed a complaint on her behalf so that 'action will be taken' and that this 'will never happen again'.

The Stomper said that this is not the first time this has happened to her.

"I want to raise awareness and tell others to be careful when using credit cards for big orders as the rider doesn't send all your items," she said.

"I am so mad that I only received two items.

"I chased them on social media also because I wanted to know why the rest of my items were not delivered.

"Did the rider take it or what?"

She also threatened to lodge a police report if the matter wasn't resolved.

"Beware: don't bulk order, especially during the festive season," she said.

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