Customer loses appetite after receiving pizzas that look 'completely destroyed'

Submitted by Stomper B

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A man decided to satisfy his hunger pangs by ordering pizza, but lost his appetite upon seeing the food arrive in complete disarray.

Stomper B shared how he and his cousin had ordered Canadian Pizza through GrabFood on Saturday night (May 29).

B recounted: "I went over to my cousin's house to have dinner (just me alone). As we were still hungry, we decided to order pizza.

"The delivery rider seemed rather strange when we received our order but we didn't pay much attention to him.

"To our shock when we opened the two boxes, our pizzas were just destroyed completely. We didn’t even have the appetite to eat after seeing it."

B, who shared a photo of how the pizzas looked like, added: "We tried calling Canadian Pizza but their phone lines were closed, so we contacted Grab through the customer service option in the app and called them up.

"They said they would look into it as my cousin had already sent them an email."

According to B, Grab subsequently gave a refund for the two pizzas.

The Stomper said: "We really believe that the delivery rider had dropped the pizza boxes on the way to our place and wasn't honest about it, and therefore the strange reaction he displayed when delivering our food.

"We are extremely disappointed with this order and hope it doesn't happen to other pizza lovers out there!!!"