Crystal Jade apologises, issues full refund to customer who found mould on birthday cake

Submitted by Stomper Jasmine

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Crystal Jade has apologised and issued a full refund to a customer who bought a birthday cake from one of its outlets only to find mould on it.

Stomper Jasmine told Stomp her husband had bought a cake from Crystal Jade My Bread at Takashimaya on June 27.

"We were shocked to open up the box for a birthday celebration as the cake looked stale and the strawberries on top looked spoiled and contaminated," she said.

"We thought to remove the strawberries after the birthday celebration and noticed there was mould underneath them and that the cake seemed spoiled."

The Stomper said she made a complaint following the incident and shared she was disappointed with the company's service and concern about food quality.

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman from Crystal Jade said: "We are aware of this incident and have already reached out to the customer to offer our apologies and a full refund.

"The customer has accepted our refund.

"We apologise and acknowledge that it is an oversight on our part with quality control, and have stepped up and enforced additional stringent measures to ensure that this will not happen again."

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