Cow unleashes hell on huge anaconda that crushed its calf to death

An enormous anaconda in Paraguay incurred the wrath of a cow after crushing its newborn calf to death.

A video of the incident shows the cow angrily stomping on and headbutting the five-metre long serpent multiple times beside the carcass of the young cow.

According the The Daily Mail, the anaconda had been lassoed with rope by farmers who wanted to pull it away from the rampaging cow.

They however, failed to do so, probably due to the anaconda's sheer size.

The snake fights back, and at one point placed its mouth near the dead calf in an attempt to swallow it.

The bigger cow was preventing its adversary from doing so, and continued trampling the snake with its hooves. The serpent however managed to defend itself by biting the cow as it was getting attacked.

In the end, the fight ended in a stalemate. As much as the cow wanted to kill the anaconda, it could not endure the bites and can be seen walking away at the end of the video.