S'pore tourist suffers brutal injuries from Komodo dragon -- after ignoring warnings

A Singaporean tourist was left severely injured after being attacked by a Komodo dragon in West Manggarai, Indonesia on Wednesday morning.

Lon Lee Alle, 50, who was visiting the Komodo National Park, ended up getting bitten on his left leg.

The park's head said that the Singaporean was watching several Komodos eating pigs and goats that belonged to the local villagers. 

He ignored the villagers' warnings and went closer to the animals to take photos.

"He must have been too close. A Komodo doesn't like to be disturbed when eating," Sudiyono told The Jakarta Post.

The villagers rushed to pull Alle away from the crowd of Komodos. 

A video posted on Fabrications About The PAP and credited to Hendrik shows him bleeding profusely from the bite wounds, while villagers help to carry him.

They subsequently brought him to a nearby medical centre for treatment. 

A military speed boat was used to transfer Alle to the Siloam General Hospital.

"This is the first incident of human being bitten by a Komodo dragon in the past five years," Sudiyono said.

The Singaporean had also reportedly stayed with the villagers for three days to save costs.

"The incident took place away from the area set by us where tourists are allowed to observe Komodos. 

"I also appeal to all tourists to take guides with you when wandering around to see Komodo dragons. 

"Never risk your safety by staying with locals and watching Komodos without an official guide only for the sake of your budget," Sudiyono said.