Couple restrains bloodied elderly man during dispute at Pasir Ris corridor, 2 arrested

 A couple pinned an elderly man to the ground during a fight at a Housing Development Board (HDB) flat on Tuesday (March 13), at around 10pm.

The incident happened on the 12th-floor corridor of Block 626, Pasir Ris Drive 3.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the couple and elderly man are neighbours.

A resident, Madam Li, 52, told reporters that she had heard noises from the corridor and opened her door to check what was happening.

She said:

“I saw a couple restraining an uncle. The woman then told me that the restrained uncle had tried to hit her husband, and asked me to call the police.”

Madam Li noted that the elderly man had blood all over his face and clothes.

According to her, there was a scooter and a bicycle left behind in the corridor after the incident.

The bicycle is understood to be the uncle's while it is unclear to whom the scooter belongs to. 

It is believed that the fight had been triggered by a collision involving the couple and elderly man.

Reporters visited the couple’s flat on Wednesday (March 14) and spoke to the woman. 

She said that the incident was ‘trivial’ and declined to discuss further.

Another resident who declined to be named said that the couple is friendly towards their neighbours, even offering them rides to Pasir Ris Central sometimes. 

He added:

“I’m not sure what started the fight.”

In response to media queries, a police spokesman said that it was alerted to a case of affray at 10.15pm on Tuesday night.

Two men, aged 63 and 69, were conscious when conveyed to Changi General Hospital (CGH), and subsequently arrested in relation to the case. 

According to The Straits Times, one of the men sustained minor hip injuries from the scuffle.

Police investigations are ongoing. 

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