Couple nap at Gardens by the Bay's Flower Dome for over 30 minutes

Submitted by Stomper HL

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People have been spotted lying down to sleep on public transport and even on the streets.

Stomper HL visited the Flower Dome at Gardens By the Bay on Wednesday (Oct 11) but amongst the flora, he stumbled upon an unusual sight.

A couple were seen lying next to each other on a bench in the dome.

"As we were walking around, we saw this couple having a nap there at about 2pm," HL said.

"They looked very comfortable and they didn't feel bothered by the crowd that came in after us.

"They were napping quite long. 

"Even when we passed that area again 30 minutes later, they were still napping.

"Before we saw them, not sure how long they had been there."

Trying to fathom why the couple were taking a nap he added: "The weather was very hot yesterday but it was cool in the Flower Dome."

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