Couple delighted to get dim sum baskets for just $3 each because wife was born in March

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A man and his wife were delighted to find out that they could enjoy dim sum baskets for just $3 each when they visited Peach Garden at OCBC Centre on Mar 21.

Stomper Thomas shared with Stomp that he read about Peach Garden's $4 dim sum deal for April last month.

The restaurant is offering the deal to diners who have the number 4 in their birthdate, age or NRIC number.

"I decided to take my wife for a dim sum lunch at their OCBC Centre outlet to try it out before bringing the extended family in April," he said.

"Here's the exciting twist: While browsing the menu, we discovered they were already offering a similar promotion in March."

He said that his wife was born in March so they were able to enjoy Peach Garden's dim sum baskets for just $3 each.

If you feel like you missed out, Thomas said $4 per basket is still a great deal. The dim sum baskets usually go for $8.80++ each.

"Honestly, the quality of the dim sum was fantastic," he said.

"Everything seemed freshly made and delicious, which makes this deal even more impressive.

"For that price, it rivals other popular dim sum places like Swee Choon or 126, but with a more upscale ambience and a lovely view (depending on the outlet)."

Thomas added that the promotion is a 'hidden gem' and hopes to share it with others.

"Hopefully, more people can enjoy these delicious and affordable dim sum options before the promotion ends."

The promotion is available during lunch hours at all outlets and all day at The Heeren and Changi Airport Terminal 2 outlets.

Those who spend a minimum of $30 on dim sum can also enter their lucky draw to win free air tickets from China Airlines and Eva Air to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

PAssion Card, HomeTeamNS, and SAFRA members can enjoy double the chances by presenting their respective membership cards at checkout.

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