Compose Coffee opens at Suntec City -- so of course Singaporeans must queue

Compose Coffee has made its international debut on the sunny island of Singapore.

It is one of South Korea’s biggest coffee chains with 2,200 outlets across the country.

Singaporeans can visit Compose Coffee on the first floor of Suntec City Tower 3, just next to 1855 The Bottle Shop and opposite Mr. Coconut.

I was at the mall on Wednesday (Sept 27) and had my attention drawn by a long queue outside the newly-opened store during lunch hour.

With the many ongoing promotions to celebrate its opening, it's not hard to see why there was such a crowd.

My curiosity was piqued but feeling daunted by the sheer number of people around, I decided not to join the line. Yet.

When I returned to Compose Coffee in the late afternoon, there was still a queue but it was much shorter. I decided to give them a go because FOMO.

It did not take long to reach my turn. I ordered the cafe's signature Busan Sea Salted Cream Latte (usual price: $7.60). There was a 20% discount on all items on the menu, followed by another 50% discount for drinks. Hence, I paid only $3.05 for my beverage.

I ordered at around 3.51pm and received my drink at 4.18pm, which was fine with me as I was not in a rush. The cafe was full house but fortunately, I managed to get a table for myself.

My latte was tasty, though still a bit sweeter than I would have liked despite requesting 0% sugar. I was pleasantly surprised at what a big cup it was.

Staff also handed out croffles to customers. It was aromatic and absolutely delicious.

Staff were very warm, attentive and friendly despite the large crowd, which tapered off as the cafe's closing time (~5pm) approached.

All in all, I enjoyed my time at Compose Coffee and felt that the $3.05 I paid was well worth it.

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