Coffee shop stall charges extra $0.50 to remove bean sprouts: 'This is ridiculous'

Submitted by Stomper Steven

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Not everyone is a fan of bean sprouts so it's not uncommon to hear customers ask food providers to leave them out of their dishes.

However, it's not every day you come across an eatery that charges you to eliminate certain ingredients.

Stomper Steven was amused when he came across a sign at a coffee shop at Fajar Shopping Centre.

The stall, which sells char kway teow, carrot cake and oyster omelettes, had a sign written in Mandarin listing out extra charges for special requests.

Steven said: "Customers have to pay 50 cents more for additional bean sprouts.

"However, if you do not wish to have bean sprouts, you also need to pay 50 cents more.

"This is ridiculous.

"I might as well pick out the bean sprouts myself after frying."