Clementi resident's Christmas displays add festivity to area and don't pose safety risk: Town council

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A reindeer in a Clementi HDB estate?

It is just part of the latest Christmas display by a resident named Philip Sobrielo.

"Every year, Philip just wants to share Christmas cheer with all residents near and far," said Stomper Ronald, who is impressed by the time, money and effort that Philip put in.

"The citizen should be applauded and appreciated as it is not a town council initiative," said the Stomper.

But Philip also had help. A video he shared on social media shows a few people involved in building the lighted displays.

One display is of a reindeer pulling a fairy-tale carriage with a female mannequin next to a couple of Christmas trees and presents. To discourage mischief and vandals, on the carriage is a sign that read: "CCTV in operation in this area."

Another display is of six jingle bells hung outside a second-storey parapet of a nearby HDB block with an image of Santa Claus in the middle.


Are these displays allowed?

In response to a Stomp query, the spokesperson for Jurong-Clementi Town Council said it has been supportive of the Christmas decorations at Block 351 Clementi Avenue 2 since 2018.

Below is a photo of last year's holiday display.

"The resident's creative contributions have added colour and festivity to the premises, and were enjoyed by fellow residents," said the spokesperson.

"We have checked the fastening method and found that the decoration pieces are adequately secured and do not pose a health or safety risk. Nevertheless, we will continue to monitor to ensure a safe and accessible environment."

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