After last year's lit Christmas decorations in Clementi estate, this year's look 'like a 10-minute job'

Submitted by Stomper Ivan

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What a difference a year makes.

Stomper Ivan is rightly proud of the Christmas decorations he helped set up last year in the garden of the Trivelis estate at Clementi Avenue 4.

There were a Christmas tree, lights, candy canes, boughs of holly and more.

Sharing a video of the yuletide visual feast, the Stomper said: "We would usually rope in the children around the neighbourhood as well as the children in the daycare centre to put up the Christmas baubles as part of community spirit-building.

"Kudos for the residents' effort to bring Christmas cheer to the place."

But that was 2021.

This year, the Trivelis Residents' Network (RN) did not approve the Stomper's proposal for Christmas and Chinese New Year decorations.

The Trivelis RN describes itself as "fellow neighbours who serve in the Residents' Commitee, Neighbourhood Committee, RN to promote neighbourliness through programmes to build a vibrant and cohesive community".

The RN did the Christmas decorations themselves this year.

The Stomper shared a photo showing 14 letters pasted on two pillars of a pergola spelling out the words "merry Christmas".

"It looks like a 10-minute job," he said.

"But it's the first time the RN has done any decorations for the residents for the last seven years. Not even for National Day. So there was effort from them, but not much."

Stomp has contacted the Trivelis RN for more info.

The Trivelis was built in 2014 under HDB's Design, Build and Sell Scheme.