Chinese man rams dog hunter through wall with van after beloved pet was killed by poison dart

A Chinese man rammed a dog hunter through a wall and pillar with a van after finding out that the latter had killed his beloved canine.

According to witnesses of the incident which took place in the Jiangsu city of Yangzhou, the 40-year-old man, known as Fan, had rushed out of his house after hearing his distressed dog crying.

He discovered that his dog had been shot with a poison dart by the dog hunter, and was attempting to flee with the animal's body.

Fan confronted the man but was threatened instead, reports Shanghaiist.

The hunter allegedly told him: "If you dare to chase me, I’ll poison you with a dart."

He then got on a motorbike and rode off.

Fan, undaunted, jumped in his van and followed the man.

Footage from closed-circuit television (CCTV) near a gas station shows Fan advancing at full speed, ploughing through a pillar on a sidewalk with the hunter who was caught on his bike’s fender, before crashing into the side of a shop nearby.

The dog hunter, 42-year-old Luo, was declared dead at the scene.

Six dog carcasses held in black bags were also recovered.

Fan was then arrested and brought for questioning by the police.

The case is currently under investigation.

Family members of Fan claimed that he had merely wanted to frighten the hunter, but later confused the accelerator pedal with the brake pedal in the heat of the moment, ramming the man through a pillar and wall instead.

It is unclear when the incident happened, but the time stamp displayed on the footage showed that it happened at 2.45pm on Jan 15, 2018.