Chinese guy 'makes it rain' at railway station following bad breakup

Following a savage breakup, some people just want to see the world burn.

However, others want to help bring happiness to others in order to fill the void within themselves.

One Chinese young man proved he belongs to the latter group when he was seen scattering money inside a train station in Zhejiang, China.

According to the Beijing Times, security officers heard a commotion at Yuyao North Railway Station and rushed to the scene.

The man had disappeared but they found 50 and 100 yuan ($10 and $20) bills strewn all over the floor.

The officers gathered 3,950 yuan ($805) in total.

However, after reviewing surveillance footage, the officers managed to find the man who told them that he was heartbroken after breaking up with his girlfriend two days prior.

He said that he hoped to "fill the world with love" again by throwing the cash in the air.