Chinatown possibly the dirtiest place in Singapore, laments Chinese student on TikTok

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He was so dismayed by the state of Chinatown that he made a TikTok video about it.

In the video posted by zeinsg on Saturday (July 16), he called Chinatown possibly the dirtiest place in Singapore.

The video, which has more than 270,000 views, mostly shows the area around People's Park outside Chinatown MRT station exit C, including the hawker centre, strewn with litter.

@zeinsg Why Singapore’s Chinatown so dirty? That is insane! Is there most unclean place in Singapore? #singapore #chinatown ♬ original sound - 阿泽在新加坡

On his TikTok profile, zeinsg describes himself as a Chinese student studying in Singapore "sharing the sights and food of Singapore".

His first TikTok, posted in January, was of Jewel Changi Airport, which he described as "one of the most beautiful airports in the world, with forests and waterfalls". This was followed by picturesque videos of Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa and other local attractions.

But when it came to Chinatown, the video was somewhat less picturesque. The caption asked: "Why Singapore’s Chinatown so dirty? That is insane! Is there a more unclean place in Singapore?"

The video's Mandarin voiceover said: "I can't imagine that this is what many regard as a world-renowned Garden City."

He said that he used to live in New York City where the Chinatown is also a mess.

"Chinatown is where overseas Chinese feel at home and it holds a place in our hearts. My schoolmates and I often eat in Chinatown because this is where the food is the most authentic outside China. I do not understand how the place become like this," he said.

"I just have one thing to say, to all those travelling abroad, pay more attention to how you behave."

While many netizens agree with the TikTokker, it was pointed out that many Singaporeans go to Chinatown too.