Child dashes out into road, while another kid trails behind on scooter

It was a close shave for a family of three who narrowly avoided tragedy.

A video posted by Facebook page shows how a driver had a near-accident with a young girl who suddenly dashed out into the road.

A woman, presumably the mother, can be seen chasing after the child and stopping her. The car also manages to brake in time.

The woman then crosses the road with the young girl while holding her hand out in apology to the driver.

A little boy is also seen riding across the road on his scooter and catching up with the woman on the other side.

The incident occurred on Saturday morning (Dec 11), when the driver was turning into Dempsey Road from Holland Road.

The driver said in the video caption: "Luckily, I managed to brake fully just in time. (This is) just a reminder to other drivers on the dangerous junction near Dempsey Hill, where young children may come out of nowhere without proper accompaniment by parents."