Old lady 'pops out of nowhere' and almost gets hit by car at Bukit Panjang junction

Submitted by Stomper Idris

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An elderly pedestrian crossed the road despite the traffic light not being in her favour, giving both herself and other motorists a rude shock.

The incident occurred at the junction of Petir Road and Cashew Road in Bukit Panjang on Thursday (Nov 10), at around 11.25am.

Stomper Idris shared videos of his encounter with the elderly woman, who narrowly avoided being hit by his car while crossing the road.

Idris said: "I was going straight while the traffic light was green for me when this old lady popped out of nowhere.

"My view of her was blocked as by a white car that had stopped to turn right at the junction.

"Fortunately, both my and the old lady's reaction was fast enough to avoid an accident.

"We need to assist and educate senior citizens about ethics when crossing the road."