Checkpoint officer, you make us proud by helping old Malaysian uncle push his car

Submitted by Stomper Gabriel

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Checkpoints are known for heavy traffic jams, long waiting periods, and disputes between motorists.

There have also been a few incidents where motorists got into arguments with checkpoint staff.

However, incidents like the one Stomper Gabriel spotted make us realise that good things happen at the checkpoint as well.

Gabriel said the car in front of his vehicle, a Malaysian-registered vehicle driven by an elderly man, had broken down close to the gantry.

The Stomper said that the jam was very bad at this period, and the lorry lane had been opened to speed up traffic.

Gabriel moved off to the lorry lane, and saw the elderly man getting out of the car.

However, a checkpoint officer approached him and asked him to remain in the vehicle.

He subsequently pushed the car across the checkpoint.

"I did not manage to get his name. But well done. You did us proud and I am sure this action left a good impression on the Malaysian in the car. Cheers," said Gabriel.