Chatty stranger on train calls Stomper 'stupid idiot' for getting up and moving away from him

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A man apparently became angry after an MRT passenger sitting next to him got up and moved away from him.

Sharing a video of the man shouting on the train, Stomper Anonymous said it happened on Tuesday (Nov 7) at 6.40pm around Paya Lebar station on the East-West Line.

The Stomper recounted that he was using his phone when the man seated beside him leaned towards him and started chatting with him. Feeling uncomfortable, the Stomper stood up and moved a few steps away.

"He got angry and started scolding me, pointing his finger and using all kinds of vulgarities," said the Stomper.

In the video, the man can be seen standing and calling the Stomper a "stupid idiot".

The man momentarily lost his balance as he returned to his seat before continuing to shout at the Stomper, who alighted at Bedok station.

"He was still scolding me."

The Stomper said he reported the incident to the station staff.

Recently, The Straits Times conducted an online poll to find out what commuters' biggest public transport pet peeves were.

Getting yelled at by a random stranger on the MRT was not one of them.