Young man kicks aunty's foot on Punggol LRT train after accusing her of cutting queue, pushing him

Submitted by Stomper Sarah

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A young man was caught on video kicking a woman's foot on the Punggol LRT train after accusing her of cutting queue and pushing him.

A three-minute video of the incident was posted online by Singapore Incidents.

Most of the video shows only the back of the young man standing over the woman who was seated as some of the other commuters turned and looked.

Wearing a white T-shirt, blue shorts and spectacles, he can be heard saying: "You cut the queue, you pushed me, then you sit down."

When she tried to explain in Mandarin what happened, he said: "Shut up. Shut up."

He can be seen bumping his knee against hers and called her "trash".

She said that she did queue and denied pushing him.

As they continued to argue over whether she pushed him, he threatened to go to the police and she called his bluff.

When he told her to apologise, she asked why she should.

After the woman got up from her seat to alight, he kicked her foot as she walked away.

Stomper Sarah, who saw the video, said: "This is a case of assault."

One netizen commented: "Young guy, don’t quarrel with your old aunty mother. Must respect the elders. Whatever happened, just keep your mouth shut."

Another defended the young man: "To people with all sorts of smart alec comments without knowing what happened before the quarrel, just FYI, it's the lady who rudely cut queue before boarding the train, bump into and pushed the young man first."

But another commenter said: "Even if the lady has cut queue or pushed her way in, it’s not right to verbally abuse her, call her names, tell her to shut up and kick her foot when she was getting off the train.

"Regardless, she explained herself calmly and you are now a worse person than her. Young man, you either have an anger management problem or are a big bully. You challenge an aunty because she is vulnerable? What do you get out of this?

"Learn to let go."