Causeway Point shop seeking elderly couple who 'mistakenly took our trolley without payment'

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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An elderly couple were caught on CCTV walking out with merchandise from a shop in a Woodlands mall without paying on Sunday (Feb 5).

On Monday, Nippon Home posted on Facebook an appeal for help to find the couple.

The post said: "We are looking for a couple who had visited our Woodlands Causeway Point outlet yesterday afternoon (Feb 5) at 12.54pm and had mistakenly took our trolley without payment."

Nippon Home also shared six screenshots from the CCTV footage, the first of which shows a woman in a red top browsing the shopping trolleys in the shop.

After picking out a dark blue trolley and showing it to a man in a blue shirt, the woman walked out of the shop followed by the man, taking the trolley with him.

Nippon Home said in its Facebook post: "We sincerely believe that it was a honest mistake and would like them to return our merchandise."

One netizen commented that "mistakenly took" was just a nicer way of saying "stole".