Caught on CCTV: Tampines resident believes he saw 'spirit' floating outside his home

Submitted by Stomper Allan

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Dust mote, insect or a trick of the eye?

Stomper Allan noticed a floating object caught on his CCTV camera at 7.58pm on Jan 15 and believes that it is paranormal.

Sharing a video of the unusual sighting, the Tampines resident said: "Can you spot the spirit floating along my corridor?

"I have witnessed many kinds of insects flying pass before, but not like this!

"This is also NOT a torchlight by the way it travels - in 90% of directions. Moreover, there is no possibility of anyone shining a torchlight from the ground floor to my level.

"It is either a wandering soul or a lingering spirit. A spirit can be evil or harmful, but not always."

Asked how he feels about what he saw, Allan told Stomp: "I have no fear of it. Whatever the reason, I just lift it up in prayer for the peace of this soul or spirit."

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