'The tripod moved': Paranormal enthusiasts hear bumps in the night in abandoned HDB block

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Oct 10, 2023

The question remains: Who moved the tripod stand? 

A group of paranormal enthusiasts on TikTok, who call themselves After Midnight, ventured into a vacated block of flats recently to explore and film the surroundings. 

Because, you know, why not?

@aftermidnightsg Abandoned Block in Singapore #abandoned #weird #ghost #haunted #sgtiktok ♬ Creepy horror ambient(1022762) - howlingindicator

To be fair, an abandoned building will always have an eerie vibe. But the group might have got a tad more than they bargained for when they noticed a tripod stand that they left by the stairs had apparently been moved.

The moment, among other mysterious ones, was documented in two videos while they were exploring Block 26 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A.

@aftermidnightsg Abandoned Block in Singapore #abandoned #weird #ghost #haunted #sgtiktok #scary ♬ Horror horror ghost story ruins exploration occult BGMb(1033277) - TERAMURA SO

Narrating as they explored the empty block of flats, they explained their plans to visit the 12th floor, where apparently there have been reports of… “ a lot of things happening”.

The lifts of the block were still functioning but the units were all locked up. 

Then there were bumps in the night that were amplified as the group provided replays of the sounds and their reactions. 

Are the flats truly empty? And who moved the damn tripod?

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