Driver who played victim in video might actually be in the wrong: Stomper does "CSI" to prove his 'guilt'

The driver who accused a female BMW driver of refusing to give way to him and hurling insults at him might have been the one driving on the wrong side of the road.

Previously, Stomper 926 sent us a video of a female BMW driver throwing an object at his windshield and taking photos of his vehicle at the Esso petrol station at the corner of Jervois Road and River Valley Road last Thursday (Dec 1) at 11am.

According to the Stomper, the female driver became aggressive because the Stomper was blocking her way as she was trying to leave the petrol station.

The Stomper indicated that he could not reverse as she had wanted him to, as there was another car behind him, and further indicated that she could leave by the space on his left.

The Stomper can be heard telling the woman in Chinese: "If you don't know how to drive your car, I will drive it for you!" The woman allegedly hurled insults in response.

His video ends with her smoothly exiting from the ample space on his left.

That seems pretty typical, but here comes the twist in the story: Stomper harrypotter did a little Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) and sent us a follow up photo from Google Maps which shows Stomper 926 to actually be in the wrong: His car was stopped right on the arrow indicating the exit.

The entrance was to his left, hence the ample space which the woman drove through later.

Traffic laws state that she had right of way, and that Stomper 926 should have given way to her.

What do you think?