Driver in Malaysia claims to have gotten summoned for driving in ripped jeans, but sharp-eyed netizen points out the actual reason

Recently, a post by Facebook user Mark complaining about getting a summon for driving in ripped jeans, had many netizens expressing shock and outrage at such a rule. 

Said Mark:

“As long as you are living in Malaysia, weird things will happen to you.

“This is ridiculous; driving in ripped jeans can also warrant a summon.”

However, an observant netizen pointed out that there could be another reason that Mark was culpable. 

The netizen reposted the photo, and with a yellow circle, pointed out the what may be the real reason, reports The Coverage

He commented:

“It’s because of those slippers that you got the summon, isn’t it?”

Apparently, when driving a lorry in slippers is prohibited under the law. 

The time and venue of the incident cited by Mark cannot be ascertained.