Plastic pieces allegedly found in avocado smoothie purchased from online store: SFA investigating

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The Singapore Food Agency is investigating an incident where plastic pieces were allegedly found in a bottle of avocado milkshake purchased from a lactation product seller, Milking Cow Sg.

Milking Cow Singapore sells lactation products like cookies and milkshakes online.

A Stomper was drinking some avocado milkshake, which was delivered on the same day on Sep 12, when she felt an uneasy feeling in her throat.

She told Stomp: "It felt like I was swallowing a medicine pill. 

"There was another piece which was bigger in my mouth. I tried biting it because I thought it was an undissolved sugar block.

"But it didn't break, so I took it out. Only when I looked closely, I saw that it was like a plastic rock."

In response to a Stomp query, a SFA spokesperson said: "SFA is investigating the matter. Consumers with information on the matter should provide their information via our online feedback form (

"Food safety is a joint responsibility. Food operators are required to adhere to good food hygiene and preparation practices.

"SFA conducts regular inspections of food establishments to ensure compliance with hygiene standards, and will not hesitate to take enforcement action if necessary."

In a Facebook post on Sep 19, Milking Cow Sg apologised after an incident where a piece of plastic was found in one of their Avocado Smoothies.

They subsequently mentioned in another post on Sep 20 that steps like increasing manpower will be taken to improve their products and services.

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