Cat rescued after falling from third-storey unit in Queenstown

Submitted by Stomper Rayden

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A cat was rescued after falling from a unit on the third storey of Block 153 Meiling Street in Queenstown on Tuesday afternoon (July 25).

Stomper Rayden alerted Stomp to the incident and shared a video showing a group of people standing at the foot of the block.

In the video, a net is set up to catch the cat, and a mattress is underneath it.

A basket attached to strings is also seen hovering near the cat.

However, instead of going into the basket, the cat loses its footing and falls but it is fortunately caught by a man waiting at a window on the second floor.

"I saw a cat stranded on a ledge at about 4.25pm but was fortunately saved from a fall," said the Stomper.

The Cat Welfare Society advises owners to ensure their pet cats are kept safely indoors and that any windows or gates have grilles or mesh that will prevent a cat from accidentally falling out.