Cat walks dangerously on laundry pole outside second-storey unit in Woodlands

Submitted by Stomper Weina

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They say that cats have nine lives, but that does not mean their safety should be taken for granted.

A Stomper was concerned when she saw a pet cat walking along a laundry pole hanging outside a second-storey unit at Block 323 Woodlands Street 32 on June 16.

"A cat was seen walking and perching dangerously on a metal laundry pole," she said.

"In a video, it was then seen walking back into the unmeshed kitchen window but it almost fell when it lost its balance momentarily.

"Cat owners are reminded to be responsible by meshing up all windows and gates to prevent such incidents."

The Cat Welfare Society advises owners to ensure their pet cats are kept safely indoors and that any windows or gates have grilles or mesh that will prevent a cat from accidentally falling out.