Cat meets grisly end after accident along Mountbatten Road

Submitted by Stomper YCK

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Stomper YCK and his two friends were riding their electric scooters along Mountbatten Road on Sunday morning (Feb 10) when a cat carcass stopped them in their tracks.

According to YCK, the trio spotted the mangled carcass near McDonald’s Kallang at around 6.30am.

YCK told Stomp: "The cat's stomach was burst open and its head was out of shape. Its intestines were splattered all over the road.

"Judging from its injuries, I am sure that the cat was involved in a hit-and-run accident."

Even though YCK initially "felt like vomiting", he and his friends decided to move the feline's carcass to the side of the road so that it would not obstruct traffic.

"As its stomach was open and we didn't have gloves, we had no choice but to pull the cat by its tail to the roadside," added the Stomper.

"We also said some prayers for it."

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