Carousell user tricked by scammer into giving up game account that he was selling for $100

Submitted by Stomper JK

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A Carousell user thought that someone was genuinely interested in buying over his gaming account. By the time he realised that he had fallen for a scam, it was too late.

Stomper JK said he had listed his Growtopia account for sale at $100 on online marketplace Carousell, which a user known as @pleasanthooman responded to.

Growtopia is described as a multiplayer online sandbox video game where players can chat, farm, add friends, trade, build worlds and engage in player-versus-player combat.

JK explained: "It's a game that was trendy a few years back and which I don't play anymore, so I tried selling it to earn money.

"You can change your email for this game and this buyer requested that I send him a picture of my email confirmation to prove that the account is mine."

Sounds legit? Well, that's what JK thought too. He then sent the buyer a screenshot as asked.

However, by doing so, JK gave the buyer an opportunity to link the game account to the latter's own email instead, thus locking JK out of the account.

JK said: "I sent him a screenshot of the email confirmation. He copied the link from the picture and directly changed the email to his email so I could no longer login to my account.

"Right after I sent the picture, I could not log on to my account anymore. I realised what he had done and that I technically just got scammed.

"He did not pay me and he refused to admit what he had done."

JK said that the scammer "looked experienced" and was "really quite pro", adding: "He then started ghosting me. Basically, he acted innocent and played dumb before disappearing.

"I reported him on Carousell but I don't think anything was done."

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