Cabby exits taxi to clear road of fallen branches -- and even gets help from another driver

Submitted by Stomper Michael

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They could have simply drove on.

Instead, a car driver and a cabby stopped their vehicles to clear the road of several fallen branches before continuing with their journey.

Stomper Michael shared a video of the heartwarming incident that occurred along the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) on Monday (Aug 14), at around 11am.

He said: "I was traveling along the AYE and noticed a taxi followed by another car run over a big fallen tree branch on the first lane.

"I initially thought the taxi driver stopped to check the damage on his vehicle, but instead he walked over and removed all the branches off the road for the safety of others."

Michael praised the cabby for being "civic-minded".

In the video, the taxi driver can be seen clearing the road of fallen branches and moving them to the bushes by the roadside. The car driver behind the taxi, a woman, is subsequently seen exiting her vehicle to help as well.

Kudos to them!