Cabby drives taxi with dog on his lap: ComfortDelGro investigating

Submitted by Stomper Rasa

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Cute pooch, but can he drive?

That was the question Stomper Rasa had when he spotted a ComfortDelGro taxi driver driving on the Benjamin Sheares Bridge with a dog on his lap on Tuesday morning (Oct 3).

"ComfortDelGro cabby employs canine to drive?" the Stomper asked

"I saw this pooch behind the steering wheel of a taxi."

In response to a Stomp query, a ComfortDelGro spokesperson said: "According to the Highway Code, drivers must not be distracted while driving.

"Pets are also not allowed to distract the drivers.

"We will investigate the matter."

The Automobile Association of Singapore provides the following tips for safe driving with pets:

  • Keep your pet away from the window: Dogs love hanging their heads outside car windows but wind may carry sand or foreign matter into your dog's ears and eyes. Flying debris may also injure your dog and having the window open too wide may tempt your pet to leap out.

  • Keep pets in the back seat: A dog seated in front is a distraction and can cause an accident. If an accident causes airbags to deploy, it may crush your pet, even if it is in a carrier.

  • Keep your pet secure: The safest way to transport your pet is to put it in a well-ventilated crate or carrier. A pet that is allowed to run loose in the cabin could be thrown about in the event of an accident or sudden braking. They could also be a dangerous distraction when they obstruct the driver's view or get entangled in the vehicle's pedals.

  • Install barriers and belts for big dogs: A pet barrier separates the front seat from the back. You can also find seat belts that attach to a dog’s harness. They are also helpful in keeping your dog in the car and stopping them from bolting out once the door is open.

  • Never leave pets in the car unattended: Your pet could suffer from heat stroke or dehydration on a hot day even if the windows are slightly open.

  • Never lose your pet: Make sure your pet wears an up-to-date ID tag with contact information in case of an emergency.