Bus captain shouldn't have argued with cyclist and used offensive language: Tower Transit

Carmen Sin
The Straits Times
April 15, 2024

Bus operator Tower Transit will counsel one of its bus drivers, who was filmed on April 13 exchanging expletives with a cyclist.

In response to queries from The Straits Times, a spokesman for Tower Transit said: “The bus captain maintained a safe distance from the cyclists while going past them, however he should not have gotten into an argument and should not have used offensive language.”

The spokesman added that all Tower Transit bus drivers are taught to give cyclists a wide berth when sharing the roads with them.

A 21-second clip of the row was posted on Facebook group SGRV on April 14, garnering 1,100 comments and over 212,000 views as at 7pm on April 15.

In the video, the bus is at a standstill as the driver of bus service 856 is heard telling off an enraged cyclist in Hokkien for hogging the road.

“I’m telling you, go in a little bit,” the bus driver says to the cyclist.

The cyclist refuses in explicit terms.

Near the end of the clip, the cyclist begins pointing aggressively at the driver, extending his arm into the bus as he shouts back, also in Hokkien.

The bus driver closes the doors on him and makes to drive off.

Netizens who commented were mostly sympathetic to the bus driver’s outburst, decrying the selfish riding habits of some cyclists and calling for stricter law enforcement against them.

The Straits Times

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