Driver who beat red light at Fernvale Rd, you almost killed my kid, wife and me

Submitted by Stomper Billy

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Stomper Billy was forced to jam on his vehicle's brakes to avoid colliding with a van driver who beat the red light at Fernvale Road.

The incident happened today (Apr 20) at 11.43am at a junction between Fernvale Road and Sengkang West Way, heading towards Sengkang East Way.

As the lights turned green in Billy's favour and he moved off, he had to jam on the brakes as a van driver beat the red light and shot across the junction.

The two bus drivers on either side of Billy's vehicle were forced to do likewise to avoid a collision as well.

"My kid, wife and me almost died."

The Stomper was unable to see the van's make or licence plate as the other driver was travelling at a high speed.