Reckless driver ‘chiongs’ ahead and beats red light -- with no regard to the safety of others

Submitted by Stomper LY

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Stomper LY was driving along Compassvale Road towards Compass One this morning (May 5) at around 7.04am when he encountered a reckless driver who beat the red lights.

The driver sped ahead despite the lights having turned red, almost hitting LY’s vehicle, which was making a right turn. 

At that time, LY’s daughter was also in the vehicle, and the entire incident was captured on his vehicle's dashboard camera. 

LY subsequently sent the footage to Stomp.

Said the angry father:

“How can we allow such drivers on the road?

“He could have crashed into us if I wasn’t alert.

“The impact could have injured or even killed my daughter and I who were sitting in the car!

"I hope the Traffic Police (TP) catch this guy soon."