Burning candles next to electrical box along walkway in Geylang: Is this a fire safety issue?

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Is it safe to be burning candles next to an electrical box?

That is what Stomper S wants to know.

Sharing photos of lit candles lining both sides of a public path on Wednesday (Aug 16), the Stomper asked: "Is this the fire safety measure taken by the residents of Lorong 26 Geylang?

"They were lighting candles next to an electric box all the way along the pedestrian walk. I can't imagine people being so careless.

"And this happened around 8pm when there were so many people around. There are police cameras here too and I'm not sure if such acts are being monitored.

"Is this even legal? I thought there are restrictions in Singapore where people are not allowed to light firecrackers, but during this time of the year, they seem to be okay with this."

In June, a man was fined $3,500 after discharging a firecracker in front of children at a Jurong playground as a "joke", reported The Straits Times.

Under the Dangerous Fireworks Act, 1972, a person found guilty of the offence is liable for a fine not exceeding $5,000, imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years, or both.

Regarding the burning of candles, under the Environmental Public Health Act, they cannot exceed 60cm in height.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force also advises not placing candles on grass patches during the Lunar Seventh Month or Hungry Ghost Festival.