Burger King given 'green light' by SFA after man chews on metal wire in Whopper burger

Submitted by Stomper Johnnie

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A man was shocked when he found what appeared to be a metal wire in a burger he had ordered from Burger King.

Stomper Johnnie told Stomp that he had bought a Whopper to-go from the outlet at the National University Hospital (NUH) on July 28 at about 4.30pm.

"I was about to finish eating my burger when I found myself chewing on a hard object," he said.

"I spit it out and there it was, this metal wire entangled in the meat patty.

"It was no small wire.

"I was so shocked.

"I have read about all these crazy things you find in food nowadays but I never expected it to happen to my food."

Johnnie added that this is the first time this has happened to him and does not usually frequent fast-food restaurants.

"That day, I was really hungry and in a rush," he said.

"Imagine if this piece of wire had entered my stomach, I would have to go for an operation and I am diabetic.

"It's so so scary.

"I have reported the matter to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) but I want to remind people out there to be very very careful."

In response to a Stomp query, a Burger King spokesman said: "The customer did alert us on this incident, and left immediately after informing us that he will report it to SFA.

"A few days after the report was made, SFA visited the store and performed their own checks.

"However, after their investigation, they found nothing out of the ordinary, and subsequently cleared us and gave us the green light."