Monkey scavenge rubbish bins for goodies in Punggol private estate: 'Aggressive when shooed'

Submitted by Stomper Angus

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Its behaviour appeared almost human-like.

A monkey was spotted scavenging rubbish bins for goodies at Ponggol Twenty-fourth Avenue on Dec 5 at 10am.

Stomper Angus shared a video of the simian checking out the contents of a paper shopping bag in the blue recycling bin before opening the lid of a green bin next to it with its mouth and paws.

The monkey then pulled out a white trash bag by the handle from the second bin and tore open a hole in the plastic to see what was inside. The primate appeared not to find what it was looking for and left empty-handed, so to speak.

The Stomper said the creatures are not afraid of humans.

"The monkeys are aggressive when shooed. Residents are worried about their safety at home," added the Stomper.

"The mess they leave behind from the spilled contents of rubbish bins also poses a health risk, given the potential for rodent infestation."

Stomp had earlier reported monkeys visiting a Punggol East HDB block in February this year.

Here is how to keep long-tailed macaques out of your home, according to the National Park's website:

If you encounter monkeys in the open, the NParks advises: "Remain calm and quiet and do not make any sudden movements or maintain eye contact with them. Instead, look away and back off slowly.

"Keep away from the area until they have left.

"Macaques also associate plastic bags with presence of food and will try to snatch them upon sight. We advise members of public to keep plastic bags out of macaques’ sight when spotted."