Bukit Batok residents frustrated all 3 lifts break down -- twice in a single day

Residents of a HDB  block were left frustrated after all three lifts broke down -- twice, all within the same day.

The incident happened on Wednesday (Jun 14) between 7am and 5.30pm at Block 290G Bukit Batok Street 24, reports Shin Min Dalily News via Lianhe Zaobao

A 32-year-old father of two told reporters that all three lifts broke down during the peak hours, causing a lot of inconvenience for him who was bringing his young children out. 

Said the father:

“Both my kids are two and a half years old and four years old respectively. 

“I had to walk them both down the stairs from the 12th storey to attend kindergarten. 

“It was really inconvenient, especially since I needed to move some bulky items.

“I had leave the items at teh ground floor before I could go up and fetch my kids down.

“I made three trips just to do that.”

The man said that the lifts resumed operations at around 9.30am, but was informed by his domestic helper that the three lifts had broken down again in the evening. 

He added:

“I heard the breakdown in the morning was due to a short circuit and the lifts were operational again in a few hours.

“I can’t comprehend why it would break down again in the same day.”

A 44-year-old resident who lives on the 19th storey said that there was a black out and low water pressure in the taps at around 6.30am.

Another resident who lives on the 17th storey told reporters that he and his wife had to take the stairs in the morning as they were going down to fetch their grandchild.

Both complained that their knees were aching after the ordeal.