Kudos to kind resident and SCDF for helping to free woman who was stuck in condo lift for 1 hour

Submitted by Stomper Melissa

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Stomper Melissa was trapped in a left at Regent Heights Condominium for about one hour this morning (May 12), was later rescued by the SCDF thanks to the efforts of a kind resident.

She recounted what happened in a Facebook message and a telephone interview:

"I sent my son to school in the morning and returned home at 7.10am. As usual, I stepped into my condominium's lift and pressed the button for the 16th level and the door closed. Suddenly, the lights from all the buttons went out.

"I panicked. I was not able to make any emergency calls as there was totally no network coverage. I shouted and banged hard on the door to make sure that other residents could hear me. 

"After about half an hour, I heard a resident talking to me from the other side.

"The gentleman called either the police or SCDF.

"The SCDF arrived around 20 minutes later and took around 10 minutes to open the lift doors.

"They then escorted me back to my home.

"I want to say a BIG THANK YOU and kudos to the SCDF team for their quick action and great effort, as well as the kind resident who helped me."