Bukit Batok resident pleads with culprit to stop spitting on lift panel

Submitted by Stomper TKL

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The Covid-19 pandemic is causing immense stress to everyone and inconsiderate acts such as spitting in public places are certainly not helping.

Stomper TKL was dismayed to come across such behaviour at Block 392 Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 recently.

The resident noticed spittle on the lift panel in the block's Lift B on Sunday (July 26) and shared photos with Stomp.

TKL shared: "This is not the first time something like this has happened, but it's the first time I am this bothered.

"In a better situation, I would not be highlighting this publicly. But as we are facing Covid-19 now, I am worried by such actions.

"As this is a sensitive period, I would like to plead to the person doing this to stop as it can cause unnecessary stress to the residents.

"Furthermore, there are children around and without a clear understanding of the Covid-19 situation, they might be exposed to your possibly infected saliva.

"I understand that sometimes we tend to do things that seem cool, cheeky or even dumb in the name of fun. But sure acts are simply uncool and unhygienic.

"I sincerely don't want to shame anyone but simply wish for the culprit to stop such actions that will undoubtedly inconvenience residents."

According to TKL, he had informed the town council about the matter.

The Stomper added: "The property officer got back to me and arranged for the cleaning of the lift immediately."

Stomp has contacted the town council for more info.

According to The Straits Times, a self-disinfecting coating that lasts for three months was applied to buttons in all HDB lifts and lift lobbies in Singapore in April.

The coating, called sdst, kills bacteria, viruses and fungi upon contact and remains in place even with repeated scrubbing and cleaning, as chemical bonding agents help it to adhere tightly to surfaces at a molecular level.

It is sprayed on surfaces in liquid form like regular disinfectants, and is safe on human skin.

A second round of self-disinfecting coating was applied to all 26,000 lifts across HDB estates under the 16 town councils, starting from the end of June.