Driver blocks way waiting for parking space, gets out of car and yells expletive when honked at

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What did he say?

A driver got out of his car and yelled an expletive to another motorist who sounded the horn at him for blocking the way in a basement carpark.

Stomper Kevin shared dash cam footage of the incident that took place at Star Vista on Sunday afternoon (Nov 13).

He recounted: "While exiting Star Vista, I was blocked by someone who wanted to park in a parking space. He was following a couple with their child in a stroller."

In the video, the family with a stroller can be seen walking towards their car in the carpark. A white Infiniti followed them and stopped in front of the cam car for about half a minute.

"Instead of moving to the side to let other motorists pass, he chose to stop his car right in the middle of the lane," said the Stomper. "In so doing, he blocked three cars from moving.

"After honking to signal that he should move to the side so that others may pass, he got out of his car and yelled at me with an expletive."

As the video has no sound, what the motorist yelled cannot be heard.

After yelling, the Inifiniti driver got back into his car and moved it to the side, finally allowing the cam car to pass.

"This motorist seemed to think that the whole carpark belonged to him," said the Stomper. 

"Truly inconsiderate!"