Brazilian woman who wanted a child hangs pregnant victim, rips baby out from her womb

A pregnant Brazilian woman was killed, and her unborn baby ripped out of her womb last Tuesday (Jun 27)  by another woman who wanted the child for herself.

The eight months pregnant victim, Naiara Silva Costa, reportedly went to the suspect’s house to collect clothes and accessories for her unborn baby, which the suspect had donated, reported The Coverage and Daily Mail Online.

At the house, Mrs Costa was drugged, hanged, and stabbed in cold blood, before the baby was cut out from her womb. 

The child did not survive the gruesome attack.

The suspect, 27-year-old, Suelen Coimbra do Carmo, was arrested by police in Goiania, Brazil, south-west of the capital Brasilia.

Upon the arrest, Carmo told investigators that she had planned to keep the baby.

She reportedly had an abortion two months ago and got to know the victim via social media. 

After carrying out the horrendous deed, Carmo buried the victim’s body in a shallow grave in a garden at the back of her home, which she had paid a neighbour to dig.

Police said that the victim was made to ‘suffer’ as Carmo killed her.

The child was also found wrapped in clothes, and dumped in a wash basin inside the suspect’s bedroom. 

The terrifying murder came to light after a neighbour of the suspect, Marcos Pereira, called the police when Carmo paid him to dig a hole in her garden, which she said she was intending to plant vegetables in. 

The victim’s husband is said to be under sedation after finding out about the cold blooded murder of his wife and child. 

Carmo faces two charges of murder and has been detained.

She is set to appear in court in August.