Thai woman murdered and dismembered: Suspect says she "had no intention to kill her"

A the suspect in the case of a woman who was murdered and dismembered in Thailand has reportedly confessed to doing so due to a personal grudge.

Thailand's national police chief Police General Chakthip said that the grudge was over narcotics and a debt, reports The Star.

The victim, Warisara Klinjui, was arrested on drug-related charges late last year.

She then implicated Priyanuch Nonwangchai, the accused, as being involved in a drug gang, Chakthip said.

He added that the women also had an issue concerning a Bt40,000 (SGD$1,625) debt.

“The alleged murder was caused by a personal conflict after Warisara told police about Priyanuch’s involvement in a drug network that led to her arrest,” Chakthip said in a press conference.

He said this after interrogating to Priyanuch, Kawita Rachada and Apiwan Satayabundit, who face arrest warrants for murdering and hiding Warisara’s body.

The three confessed to all of the charges, said Chakthip.

He added that after the murder, Priyanuch, Kawita and Apiwan escaped to Myanmar to avoid Thai police.

However, they subsequently decided to surrender to Myanmar police, who then handed them over to the Thai police.

Police found Warisara’s dismembered body in two buckets and buried in a field in Khon Kaen’s Khao Suan Kwang district on May 25.

Her body was cut in half and her neck showed traces that someone had tried to cut her head off but failed to do so.

Police were initially unable to identify the victim but they followed a clue provided by a tattoo on her body and eventually linked it to Warisara.

The investigation then identified Priyanuch as a suspect.

This drew lots of attention from the media and the general public because of her appearance and lifestyle displayed on social networks/

Priyanuch often posted videos of her talking on Facebook.

The public was also shocked after the killing when she apparently changed her Facebook cover photo to one depicting Chucky, the doll character in “Child’s Play” horror movies that kills people.

Chakthip quoted Priyanuch as saying she loved the victim, but just wanted to teach Warisara a lesson.

“However, she strangled her and realised she was dead, she did not know what to do.

"When the body turned stiff, she thought about dumping it into water or cutting it up like in movies she had seen. She chose the second choice.”

The victim was allegedly from Khon Kaen, according to the local police. 

She had reportedly felt lonely as he was rarely home due to his constantly shifting workplace.

The victim then asked her husband for permission to work in a karaoke bar.

However, not long after working, the victim allegedly got involved with another woman from Khon Kaen’s Chonnabot district.

Her husband knew of the relationship but paid it no attention.