Boys in uniform tug at legs of friend sitting on roof at Jurong West carpark

Submitted by Stomper Lim

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Stomper Lim spotted some boys in school uniform playing with their friend who was sitting on the 1st-storey roof attached to a multi-storey carpark at Block 841A, Jurong West Street 81.

The incident happened on Thursday (Aug 3) at around 5.45pm. 

Lim took a video of the boys.

In the footage provided, the kids in uniform could be seen playing around, and tugging at the legs of another boy who was sitting precariously on a roof connected to a multi-storey carpark.

Later on, one of the boys in uniform approached a passer-by in black and appeared to say something to him but was ignored.

According to Lim, the boys shouted at passers-by and even threw water at a moving car.

Lim also added that this was not the first time the kids had climbed over on the roof and harassed passers-by, including him.

Said Lim:

“The kids shout at anyone who walks by and cause a ruckus.

“Moreover, this is dangerous.”