Secondary school students getting out of hand -- chanting gang cheers on bus

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A group of secondary school students were caught on camera singing and doing gang cheers on the bus.

Stomper Ken sent in the video to Stomp, which he says he found on Twitter posted on July 17.

Ken said:

"I was scrolling through my twitter and this appeared on my timeline. I find it ridiculous for secondary school students to behave in such a way."

In the clip, the youths, some clad in school uniforms and others shirtless, can be heard singing along to a song being played. 

They then start chanting the "Sah Lak Gau" (369) gang cheer, one of the biggest and most prominent secret societies in Singapor, at the top of their voices.

"It really disappoints me a lot and I felt disgrace for their parents as such I really think these kids need to get help from their teachers or whoever," Ken added.